Friday, Saturday, Sunday
$24.95 per person (plus tax)
3 person/tickets minimum
to reserve your 1 hour Adventure.
We want our customers to know that each booking will be private
(no strangers will be in the room with your group) and we are disinfecting each Adventure one hour before it begins using a professional fogger which sanitizes the air as well as each item in the room.
Be safe and come have fun.

This isn't the latest box office flop or a 30 second park ride.

This is Xcape Adventures -- a whole new level of addicting entertainment and a next-gen alternative to "the usual."
No waiting in long lines on a hot day. No guy sitting behind you and chewing popcorn loudly. Just uninterrupted and brain-stimulating fun for a whole hour that will leave you craving more.

If you're up for the challenge, assemble your team and reserve your spots today.


Your team must use your wits to successfully escape, or crack under pressure...


Piece it all together,

not everything is as it seems...


The clock is ticking!

Make it out before your time runs out.


25% Success Rate
20% Success Rate
20% Success Rate
15% Success Rate



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 "This escape room was the best we’ve ever experienced! It was a blast to hunt for treasure with my mom, sister and daughter. So many unexpected surprises! Lots of fun!! Worth the 20 min drive from Dallas!! Would have loved to try another room but had to travel back to Louisiana. We’ll have to visit again another time. Thanks for the fun!!" 

—  Alane M.