Captain Skully

You and your team find yourselves captured by the infamous Captain Skully and his dreadful crew of buccaneers! While the pirates are out drinking grog, you and your group of landlubbers have only an hour to find the Captain's treasure -- a chest full of doubloons and riches. However, Captain Skully is clever and the treasure won't be marked by a giant X. Navigate your way through the ship, crack his codes, and discover his secrets along the way. Will you be able to escape with the booty, or will you be caught and become shark bait?

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Dr. Gene Etics is a mad genetic scientist who wants to create a new species by crossing man with beast. Although Dr. Gene sees this opportunity as a big breakthrough for science and his own claim to fame, his assistant is morally conflicted by the idea. Paranoid that he will be betrayed and his plans will be foiled, the doctor has locked the assistant in an isolated cell -- it's your team's duty to save him before Dr. Gene returns! Can you rescue the assistant and escape in time, or will you become the next experiment?

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Dr. Gene Etics


The Mission

You and your team are spies who have successfully infiltrated the hideout of a known operative. An organization is attempting to steal the secret formula for pure energy to use as weaponry. You must work together to intercept the exchange and prevent the formula from falling into the wrong hands. Find and reprogram hidden bugs, decipher codes, and validate assets with your teammates. Work hard and work FAST! Can you successfully carry out the operation before time is up, or will your covers be blown?

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Your very wealthy and eccentric great-great-great Aunt, Val Voleen, has left her $27 million to any relative who is witty enough to solve a series of clues, puzzles, and gadgets built by Nikola Tesla himself. She died July 27, 1914 and four generations have failed the test. Now it's your families turn to "earn" the money.
Can you successfully acquire her last will and testament, or will you leave empty-handed like the generations before?

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Steampunk 2.0