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A Real-Life Escape Room

Xcape Adventures is an interactive adventure game in which teams are "locked" into a room. Each room is intricately decorated and designed to tell a story and create an immersive experience. Use elements of your room to solve riddles & puzzles, crack codes, find keys, uncover secret passages, and make your escape. You have 60 minutes to succeed...or fail.

Team Building

Trust falls are out. Escape rooms are in.

Because escape rooms require players work together, they have become popular activity for company team building. Employees have fun while promoting teamwork and practicing work-related skills such as problem solving, communication, and creative thinking.

Our job is to create an immersive, fun experience while your job is to create an outcome with your teammates. Escape rooms are great tools for companies to assess their workers and for coworkers to discover more about each other under pressure. Who takes charge and who are the adapters? Who are the leaders, analysts, and creative thinkers of your group?

In addition to communication skills being of great value to your company, we also know the importance of having unity in the workplace. Xcape Adventures gives your team a great chance to break the ice with new employees or employees from other departments, as the rooms remove the inhibitions often seen in the workplace. Work together and build relationships that can be taken back to the office.

Players also have the ability to look back on what they could have approached differently, as well as their accomplishments. Employees who feel like their contribution matters are more motivated and confident, no matter the outcome of the game. Winning is fun, but the experience is the main attraction.

Teams who play well together, work well together.
Our team building option is a private event that can be scheduled during weekdays, just for you and your company. Get in touch with us to find out how we can accommodate you for your next corporate outing. We promise to go above and beyond to ensure your team has a great experience!

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