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We are open Friday and Saturday 10:00am - 9:45pm,
Sunday 4:00pm - 09:30pm, Monday 11:00am - 07:00pm.
Give us a call @ 972-982-2073


To play with other players:
$25 per person
For a private group reservation:
Captain Skully $225 for up-to 10 people
Dr. Gene Etics $175 for up-to 8 people
Contagious $175 for up-to 8 people
The Mission $175 for up-to 8 people
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Captain Skully- A Case of Red Rum

The dreaded pirate Captain Skully has stolen your identity by taking from you a family heirloom which secures your rights as a Duke, valuable land and your inheritance. His attempts to convince the English legal council that you are an impostor might be successful if you and your crew do not sneak on board the sinister pirate's ship and retrieve the precious heirloom. Yes your very lives are at stake in this adventure of a stolen identity. Beware the Captain is on his way back with Red Rum. Grab the booty and get your booty off his ship!

Dr. Gene Etics

The Doctor has gone crazy! He has locked his assistant in a cell and you must rescue him before he is the next test subject in a twisted experiment of combining gorilla and man. If you fail he might just make a monkey out of you.


When an experiment goes wrong in a top-secret government test facility, you and your team are the only thing preventing a worldwide outbreak. Can you solve the override system before it's too late?

The Mission

The formula to a pure energy source has been stolen by a secret cell. It's up to you to retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands. With you and your team, is "The Mission" possible?

Pass Rate 25%
Book Private Room
Book Per Person
Pass Rate 20%
Book Private Room
Book Per Person
Pass Rate 8%
Book Private Room
Book Per Person
Pass Rate 25%
Book Private Room
Book Per Person

About Us

Long-time friends Zachary Slack and Aubrey Dewbre of the Cedar Creek Lake area in Henderson County paired up to combine the love of technology and puzzles to create an immersive, interactive escape room game called Xcape Adventures. With the help of their family and a few friends, Xcape Adventures first opened up it’s doors in December 2014 and is now the #1 Thing To Do in Mesquite, Texas!
Thousands of people have walked through the doors at Xcape Adventures. When guests enter Xcape’s rooms, their expressions prove that what has been built is a success. This experience has allowed Zack and Aubrey to know exactly what people want out of an escape room. They set the bar higher with each new build. Their goal is not to be the biggest escape room in DFW -just the best!

We were recently featured on Texas Homes for Sale, a great place to find the best in Texas Real Estate and Mesquite, TX Real Estate. Check out the article at Xcape Adventures Puts a Little Challenge in Your Life.


A real life escape room is a physical adventure games in which people are placed in a locked room with other participants and use the tools found in the room by solving puzzles or finding clues, and exiting the room in the given time.
We are open Friday and Saturday 10:00am - 9:45pm, Sunday 4:00pm - 09:30pm, Monday 11:00am - 07:00pm. To see if we are open on special calendar days, give us a call or stay updated on our Facebook page by following or liking us. 972-982-2073
You can have a recommended max of 8 people in "The Mission", "Contagious" and "Dr. Gene".

"Captain Skully" is a bigger adventure so, we allow 10 people.

However, we do allow you to add 2 additional people in each adventure. The price will be $25 a person for any extras over the recommended limit (these are "add-ons" in our booking system).
You have two options:

To have the room all to yourselves, with no strangers in the room with you and save $25 for the adventure, it is as follows:

Captain Skully $225 for up to 10 people.
Dr. Gene $175 for up to 8 people.
Contagious $175 for up to 8 people.
The Mission $175 for up to 8 people.

To play a "per-person" NON-PRIVATE event, you pay only $25 each. This option does not guarantee that you will not be in the room with other people.
ONE YEAR after you purchased it.
It depends on which room you run. In some rooms, your objective is to find the final key to a locked door, while in others you will have a different objective. Either way, you can get out whenever you'd like.
Click BOOK NOW and choose the room you'd like to play. Then choose the date. Then choose the time.
We require an adult to be in the room if there are children under the age of 15. No adult supervision is required if over the age of 15. While young children are most certainly welcome, the clues and puzzle systems in all of our rooms are designed with adults in mind. We encourage all parents to watch their children closely because there are small parts that children may be vital to your escape. Being that there will be multiple people in the room, and excitement, small children may get stepped on or bump their heads. So please, watch your children closely.
No, we like dummies. But come on, the puzzles are not overly complicated.
We close the door at the time your reservation begins. If you come late, then your time is already counting down. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your reservation.
No refund on late arrivals. If you need to cancel, you need to call one day before your scheduled reservation. But seriously, you won't want to cancel.
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Yes we do! Many of our guests bring their corporate event, group activity, non-profit organization outings and co-workers to Xcape. We can accommodate large or small groups! Email us with how many are in your event and what day and time you’d like to visit and we’ll assist you in planning! info@XcapeDFW.com

Yes. If you book a non-private event there will be other players in the room with you. All rooms have a series of cameras that are used for safety as well as aid in the assisting of the players in the room. All events are recorded for safety and quality purposes. If you do not want to be put in a room with other players, please consider a private booking, which allows you to save money booking with your own group.


J. Jackson
“I have played a number of escape rooms across the world and the Steampunk room at Xcape Adventures was great! It was themed well and had a story to go with game play. The puzzles made sense with the scenario. Most escape rooms I have played have puzzles just for the sake of puzzles and they are out of place within the theme.”
G. Spradling
“We had an amazing time!!!! This is the future of entertainment. If you like a challenge, you will love this place. We went with friends and we’re just going to do one room, but we had so much fun we had to do the second room!!!! It was cheaper than going to the movies and more fun”
M. Fisher
“Soooo fun! I was skeptical at first, but this place blew my mind! Fun for the whole family and it really helped us work together as a team, even my snobby teen was actively involved! Highly recommended!!!!”
C. Browning
“This place is wonderful! We’d gone to another escape room in town, but Xcape beat them hands-down for creativity and fun. The staff are friendly, organized. .. my family and I had a Great time!”
J. Price
“Fantastic fun for all ages. Entire family has been to both rooms and we loved every minute. Solved both rooms, one with seconds left and the other with two minutes left. Have went to other rooms in my hometown, and they didn’t begin to compare to Xcape Adventure. Will be back as soon as a new room goes live. Try it, you will love, love, love, it! Their staff is great, friendly, and helpful.”
P. Gerstenberg
“Best escape room date we’ve ever had! I’m so glad there’s no zombies here!!!!! Truly a fun family environment for all ages!!!”
M. Moore
“We’ve seen a lot of escape rooms across the country and Xcape beats them all! Try it out, you’ll have the time of your life for sure!”
K. Kay

Elite Yelper

“I am a commercial designer and always wanted to get into set design. With that said, I think these guys did an amazing job with their game set– so innovative. The entire game was well thought out and a blast to participate with friends”
A.C. from Kansas
“Awesome experience! The sets are very intricately designed! We have been to other escape rooms before, and this blows them out of the water! “

Team Building

Email us at info@XcapeDFW.com to see how Xcape Adventures can accommodate your Team Building reservation!

Companies that have chosen Xcape as their team building activity in the past:

Xcape Team Building


Xcape Adventures
2414 E. Hwy 80 Suit #100 Mesquite, Texas 75149

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