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Game Over

A fun day at the arcade does not go as planned as "Dr. Glitch" has programmed the video games into devious puzzles bent on your demise and for his sheer entertainment. Will you find the clues in time to solve each "game" and get out? If you run out of time it will be "Game Over"!

Steam Punk

Take a trip back in time to the 19th century when steam-powered machines ruled the world! Solving the puzzles to this Xcape Adventure will prove tricky. Time is running out and the pressure is building! Will you be successful in turning off the "Machine" before the steam pressure causes the boiler room to explode? Did we mention the rats?

Captain Skully- A Case of Red Rum

The dreaded pirate Captain Skully has stolen your identity by taking from you a family heirloom which secures your rights as a Duke, valuable land and your inheritance. His attempts to convince the English legal council that you are an impostor might be successful if you and your crew do not sneak on board the sinister pirate's ship and retrieve the precious heirloom. Yes your very lives are at stake in this adventure of a stolen identity. Beware the Captain is on his way back with Red Rum. Grab the booty and get your booty off his ship!

Dr. Gene Etics

The Doctor has gone crazy! He has locked his assistant in a cell and you must rescue him before he is the next test subject in a twisted experiment of combining gorilla and man. If you fail he might just make a monkey out of you.