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J. Jackson
“I have played a number of escape rooms across the world and the Steampunk room at Xcape Adventures was great! It was themed well and had a story to go with game play. The puzzles made sense with the scenario. Most escape rooms I have played have puzzles just for the sake of puzzles and they are out of place within the theme.”
G. Spradling
“We had an amazing time!!!! This is the future of entertainment. If you like a challenge, you will love this place. We went with friends and we’re just going to do one room, but we had so much fun we had to do the second room!!!! It was cheaper than going to the movies and more fun”
M. Fisher
“Soooo fun! I was skeptical at first, but this place blew my mind! Fun for the whole family and it really helped us work together as a team, even my snobby teen was actively involved! Highly recommended!!!!”
C. Browning
“This place is wonderful! We’d gone to another escape room in town, but Xcape beat them hands-down for creativity and fun. The staff are friendly, organized. .. my family and I had a Great time!”
J. Price
“Fantastic fun for all ages. Entire family has been to both rooms and we loved every minute. Solved both rooms, one with seconds left and the other with two minutes left. Have went to other rooms in my hometown, and they didn’t begin to compare to Xcape Adventure. Will be back as soon as a new room goes live. Try it, you will love, love, love, it! Their staff is great, friendly, and helpful.”
P. Gerstenberg
“Best escape room date we’ve ever had! I’m so glad there’s no zombies here!!!!! Truly a fun family environment for all ages!!!”
M. Moore
“We’ve seen a lot of escape rooms across the country and Xcape beats them all! Try it out, you’ll have the time of your life for sure!”
K. Kay

Elite Yelper

“I am a commercial designer and always wanted to get into set design. With that said, I think these guys did an amazing job with their game set– so innovative. The entire game was well thought out and a blast to participate with friends”
A.C. from Kansas
“Awesome experience! The sets are very intricately designed! We have been to other escape rooms before, and this blows them out of the water! “